Antique mirror and picture frame restoration, Antique mirror reproduction.
Antique mirror restoration
Mirror frame restoration
Mirror frame restoration

Antique Mirror Restoration and Reproduction.

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Unit 11,
Town Yard Business Park,
Station Street,

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Please arrange an appointment to deliver/collect or look around the workshop.

My restoration workshop is located in Leek, Staffordshire, however, I accept work from all areas of the country.


To receive an estimate by email for restoring your antique mirror or picture frame etc-

1. Send a photo (jpeg preferred) of the whole frame and some close up photos of the damaged area.

2. Let me know the height and width of the frame and whether you have any missing or broken-off pieces.

However, if your frame has been painted over I will need to examine the frame in the workshop, after removing the paint I will be able to assess how much gold is left and what the extent of the damage is. I will then be able to provide a more accurate estimate.

Resilvering glass.

I'm sorry but i don't restore the silvering on the mirror itself. For re-silvering try   In Shrewsbury.                       In London.               In Ware.                In Stockpotr.          In Bath.      In Essex.

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Mirror frame restoration